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Diamond Taxi – Thunder Bay’s 24-Hour Taxi Company

For decades, Diamond Taxi has provided superior transportation services to clients in Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to get to the airport, a corporate function or just home from a night out with friends, Diamond Taxi is committed to getting you from point A to point B quickly and at competitive rates. With a reputation for reliability, we have grown to become the trusted name in taxi services in Thunder Bay.


Thunder Bay's Only Computerized Dispatch System

As part of our effort to provide our clients the best service possible, we're proud to utilize the only computerized dispatch system in the city. Our cabs are equipped with GPS so the one closest to you can be dispatched directly. Better yet, we'll give you an automated callback when we're close—no more waiting outside in the cold or rain!

Request a Cab with the Gata Hub App

Never call for a cab again! Download Gata Hub from the App Store or Google Play and instantly hail a cab from anywhere in Thunder Bay. Plus, you'll receive a free estimate on the cost of your ride! We'll send you a text containing the time you should expect us..

Apply for a Corporate Account

Are you a corporate client looking to cut down on your transportation costs? Diamond Taxi offers reduced rates when you apply for an account; make sure to apply online today!

Are You a College Student?

Going out for a few drinks tonight? Don’t take the risk of getting a costly DUI—use our convenient new Gata Hub app to quickly request a taxi.

Are You Mobility Impaired?

Enjoy the freedom and convenience offered by Diamond Taxi’s wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you’re in need of specialized transportation, give us a call today!

Diamond Taxi is committed to equal service in taxi service for people with disabilities. We have been operating wheelchair accessible taxis in this city for 30 years, and have continued to upgrade and attempt to fulfill the demand for service beyond the legislated requirement. Please specify to our call taker if you require any special accommodation at the time of calling.

Looking for a New Career?

We are always looking for persons that are ready to start an adventurous new career with our company. Visit the job opportunities page for more information.

Professional Affiliations

Remember to call our cancellation line at 807-622-6235 to cancel your cab if your plans change before we arrive!

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Going somewhere?

Reliable cab services you can trust.


We offer a variety of payment options.

Diamond Taxi Long Term Accessibility Plan

Diamond Taxi Long Term Accessibility Plan.


If unable to get through on 807-622-6001, please dial 807-622-2227

Cancellations: 807-622-6235

113 Leith Street

Thunder Bay, ON, P7C 3P4

Serving Thunder Bay and surrounding areas

Open 24 hours a day!

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