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Young people out on the town

Taxi Services for Parties & Special Events

Going out for drinks with friends? Have an upcoming stag/staggette outing planned? Diamond Taxi can provide the transportation. We offer 24-hour cab services for special events, such as birthday and stag/staggette parties or if you’re just going out to a bar with your friends. Planning a taxi ahead of time is an important safety measure when you plan on drinking, so call us today to schedule your ride! Remember, a cab is always cheaper than a DWI!


Reliable cab services you can trust.


If unable to get through on 807-622-6001, please dial 807-622-2227

Cancellations: 807-622-6235

113 Leith Street

Thunder Bay, ON, P7C 3P4

Serving Thunder Bay and surrounding areas

Open 24 hours a day!

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